Lost Gardens

Analog Photography
2019 - 2020

Robin Hood Gardens was built by the Smithsons in 1972. Only to start demolitions in December 2017. It is set to be leveled by 2020. Half of the building itself is gone. 50% of its residents still live on the other side of the building constantly staring out the window to see a construction site and wondering where to go next.

It was built as a council housing estate with homes spread across 'streets in the sky', the social housing was characterized by broad aerial walkways in long concrete blocks. A redevelopment scheme, known as Blackwall Reach, involves the demolition of Robin Hood Gardens as part of a wider local regeneration project that was approved in 2012. An attempt supported by a number of notable architects to head off redevelopment by securing listed status for the estate was rejected by the government in 2009

The entire area has suffered enormous gentrification. At this point, it feels like this building became an intruder in its own birthplace. Despite all of the efforts of the community to stop the plans approved by the government, Robin hood Gardens is going down. Along with its residents who the grand majority is unable to afford a residence in the newly refurbished building.

In the middle of the old and new building this massive garden arises. A garden is full of sounds of its current residents. That tells their stories and keeps the memories underground. Underneath these gardens are the remains of old demolished buildings. According to the new plans, the garden stays. The witness will survive.

When visiting the site I retrieved pieces of this garden alongside a poetic view of the building through an analog camera. I began experimenting with timelines and memory with the material I gathered. The final project was developed as a publication that aims to retain a memory of this place. A photo album of the remains of this community.


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